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So, we are now going to summarise this e-learning course. First of all, we talked about medication, what is medication? We looked at the different types of medication, we talked about how a medication works, and although not scientifically proven, we know that it is divided into three main categories. We have the type that fights cell function, which is your antibiotics. We have the type that interferes with cell function, which could be your painkillers. And we have the type that fights abnormal cells, so these could be your fungal treatments for cancer treatments.

We've looked at the importance of hygiene with regard to handling medication. Generally, you should never need to touch tablets, but if you do, always wear gloves. Treat medication as food. Wash your hands before and after. Always ensure that you give the right person the right medication at the right time, the right dose, and the right method. Document every step of the way with regard to medication. I cannot stress the importance of this. You will not remember next week what medication you gave out, so you need to be able to cover your trail. There will be a paper trail from when medication enters the home to when it leaves. Be it used, unused, out of date medication, we always need to be able to account for every single tablet.

Your normal medication will be kept in a lockable area. Controlled drugs have to be kept within a separate lockable area within the locked cabinet. Controlled drugs need two signatures, needs the person giving the medication and the person witnessing the medication being given. Controlled drugs are a named person only as with every other medication should not be given to a different service user.