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Instant certificate

Don't wait for the post to receive your proof of completion. After finishing the course, you will be given access to print your wall certificate and wallet card immediately from your home printer. Learn more

Receive certificate instantly

Certificate validation

Every certificate issued by ProTrainings has a unique number that can be used by employers to ensure the certificate they have received is valid. Enter the certificate number in the online form to instantly confirm validity. Learn more

Print your card

We know that you might need a second copy of your card for your files or your employer's files, so we make it easy to log back in to Medications Level 2 (VTQ) and print as many as you need. And it doesn't cost a thing. Or, if your employer takes advantage of our Admin Dashboard, he/she can print additional copies of your card as needed.

Print your  card for free

Wall mounts available

Although you may print your own wall certificate and wallet cards at no additional cost, some people opt to purchase hard-copy cards or professionally printed wall mount certificates. These items and more can be found in the ProTrainings Store for a small fee. Visit the store