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Medications vary greatly in both their use and their dosage and it is always important to read the instructions carefully, as our pharmacist explains.

It is absolutely the most important thing that one does not assume anything, that the medication instructions are read very carefully, maybe read again to reinforce the information that has been given on there. And again, this is always to do with the safety in using medication and to get the best results from the medication. We can have medication if it is used incorrectly, we will not get the results that we are hoping for.

Now we understand how important reading the instructions are, it is also important to only use the medications correctly, in accordance with these instructions.

There are many side effects depending on how and what the medication is designed for. There is a specific design that a pharmaceutical company will have, an objective in mind when they are looking at the medication, whether it be from a cough remedy, from an analgesic to help with pain or with a cream to apply somewhere. Now, the contraindications would be that we use the wrong thing in the wrong area for the wrong purpose. We would not necessarily apply a cough linctus on to a bit of dry skin, as we would not use a cream to brush our teeth with or to remove a cough, we would not be taking a spoonful of a tube.