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Occasionally, mistakes will happen. If you do make an error, if you administer the wrong medication, the wrong dose, or give medication to the wrong person, always make sure that your client or service user is safe. You will need to ensure that it's documented, your line manager, and if necessary, the GP informed. Occasionally, you may need to alert the emergency services. Always remain with your client or service user until advised by the GP, or until the emergency services have arrived. The most important thing to remember when reporting mistakes is to be honest. Always be sure that you report it, as soon as you have realised a mistake has been made. Don't try and cover up any errors or omit information from your records. Document everything, and let your line manager, GP, and if necessary, the emergency services know. The most important aspect is the health and wellbeing of the service user.

Medication errors are now seen as a safeguarding issue and potential disciplinary action may be taken, depending on the severity of the medication error. This puts a greater responsibility on the staff who administer medication.