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Recording information is just as important as the medicines themselves.  In your organisation you will have a "MAR Chart".  This is the Medications Administrations Record (MAR) Chart and is given out by the Pharmacy.  Mar charts record information like:

  • Name of patient
  • Date of birth
  • Name of medication
  • Dose
  • Route of entry
  • Frequency
  • Code to show omission of dose
  • Allergies marked in RED
  • Special instructions

This needs to be completed in BLACK ink and any errors clearly crossed out.

Records are also kept to show:

  • Receipt of medications
  • Admission of medications
  • Disposal of medications
  • Medicines returned to Pharmacy

Make sure you see the client take the medications before you record it and do not ask a colleague to give the medication or leave it by the bed as you will not actually know the medication has been taken. You also need to be sure that the client is not building up a supply of medications which they could then take to cause harm.

You will also be asked to provide a sample of your signature, initials and print your name so this can be used to clearly identify who wrote in the records.